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Which Wines You Should Cellar

Posted by Amanda on 6/24/12

Whenever you are purchasing special wines from your favorite Long Island winery, you might be encouraged to hold on to it for years to come. The common misconception is that all wines are suitable for aging. In fact, some will only age to a certain point and then will start to decrease in quality immensely. A once good wine will turn to vinegar while sitting in a perfectly controlled cellar.

If the wine has been labeled as being ready-to-drink, chances are that it is not designed to be cellared. Most red wines have the ability to be cellared if they are put in the right location and kept at the right temperatures.

The price of the wine you are purchasing does have a lot to do with the ability to cellar the wine. Most of the wines under $10 you purchase from the grocery store cannot be cellared. If you have any doubts about whether the wines you are buying from a Long Island winery can be cellared, you can speak directly with the knowledgeable staff at the winery. They will be able to break down for you the ability to keep wines and for how long you should store them for.

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