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What to Do with the Wine Cork

Posted by Amanda on 3/19/12

Whenever you have popped open a new bottle of wine from one of the great Long Island wineries, you may have some questions about what you are supposed to do. One of the questions people wonder about often is what they are supposed to do with the cork.

Keep in mind that the cork is nothing more than a closure device. It keeps air from getting in and prevents the wine from getting out. It does not have any magic quality which allows you to determine the aroma of the wine. Those people who are inclined to sniff the cork will simply only smell wine and cork.

Once removed from the wine bottle, simply look at the cork. Is it dry? Is there wine creeping up the sides of the cork? Are there cracks in it? These can all be signs that the cork was in bad shape and that there might be a problem with the wine. Drink a precarious first sip as you might be tasting vinegar.

If you see any mold on the wine side of the cork, do not drink the wine. Wines stored correctly should maintain contact between the cork and the wine. If this does not happen, mold can grow over time and could taint the wine. Discard immediately and open a different Long Island wine.

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