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Real versus Artificial Corks

Posted by Amanda on 9/30/12

The use of cork has been a longstanding tradition when finishing the bottling process of wine. The process of removing the cork from trees is an ecological one because it regrows on the tree. This allows those who understand the tradition to keep removing cork for years and decades to come. This has not prevented many in the wine community to start getting away from the process of using natural cork to get the kind of enclosures that do not have to be worried about.

The Never Fail Cork

The reason why some of the Long Island wineries have been making the switch to a man-made cork is because there is just about no chance that they will fail. These are made from plastics and use a watertight seal that is not broken until the cork is removed. They are not subject to shrinking due to being stored incorrectly and there is no concern about being processed correctly before being used in the bottle.

The man-made cork is still just as easy to penetrate with a corkscrew and makes sure that the wine is easily accessible. The only reason why some people do not appreciate these kinds of corks is because they are not in keeping with the traditions of wines that have been made for centuries. It is important to keep in mind that these kinds of corks help Long Island wineries to save money because they reduce waste and protect you from getting a bad wine.

The Argument of Re-usability

There is a concern over using these artificial corks because they do not allow you to reuse the materials. Once the cork has been punctured, it is trash. When using traditional cork enclosures, they can be reused to make cork boards in homes. They are also useful in many DIY projects such as noise dampening or cushions for the garage.

Some sandal manufacturers like Teva have even started reusing cork to line the sole of certain shoes. By grinding up the old corks and pressing them into the new soles, they provide enough cushion to save tired feet. What is even more amazing is there are many vintners using these same kinds of shoes while picking grapes, or creating wines you want to drink.

No matter which side of the argument you take, you will not be able to deny the wonderful flavors you will find whenever you open a bottle from one of these Long Island wineries.

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